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Couple pays it 4ward in a “cool” way to man with passion for helping others 

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EDMOND, Okla. - Sometimes it’s the simplest of gestures making a big difference that catch our eye while looking at the Pay It 4Ward nominations.

Such is the case with Robert Kelly.

Kelly is a heating and air conditioning instructor at a metro career tech who has a passion to help his neighbors, like Don and Mary Beth Barton.

The Barton’s air conditioning went out over the Memorial Day weekend. And no help on the horizon.

"Everybody said it would be Tuesday or Wednesday  before they could even try to come out," Don told us.

Mary Beth posted their dilemma on Facebook.

"Robert responded and said, ‘I’ve got gauges, what’s wrong?’ He came over, looked at it and said, ‘you guys are lucky it's only a part.’  He goes, ‘I’ve got a hundred of these at my house,'" Mary Beth said. "Went back up, got one, brought it down and an hour later, it was working. He did it all for free.  It was awesome."

"Everything works like a champ now. Even replaced the filters for us," Don added.

 As James Boggs from First Fidelity Bank was handing the $400 to Mary Beth to pay it forward, he told Mary Beth, “people like Robert Kelly are what make Edmond such a great place to live.”

 When we surprised Kelly at his home with the Pay It 4Ward award, Mary Beth told him, “You saved us.  It was so hot that day.  And we didn't expect you to come out and fix it, especially at no charge. And it just meant a lot to my husband and I that you would take time to go do that when you could be doing other stuff."

An emotional Kelly accepted the award and said, “Recognition from friends is always the best. The best kind.”

Kelly tells News 4 he is going to use the $400 to fix some air conditioners out of town for folks who need the help.

Robert Kelly - whose actions speak volumes and is more fluent in the language of paying it forward.

Pay It 4Ward is sponsored by First Fidelity Bank. 

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