“I’m inspired by the election results,” Teachers win big at the polls

OKLAHOMA CITY - Several educators came out as winners Tuesday during the primary.

The Oklahoma Educators Associations told News 4 that 115 educators ran for office.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 28 education candidates won their primaries outright
  • 21 education candidates move on to the runoffs
  • 1 education candidate, Mark Vancuren, won his primary, but doesn’t have a general election opponent, therefore, winning his seat automatically
  • 21 education candidates did not have primaries so automatically move to the general election
  • 71 education candidates live to fight another day

“I'm inspired by the election results last night,” said Carri Hicks.

Hicks is a 4th grade teacher at Deer Creek Public Schools.

A record number of voters went to the polls Tuesday to choose who would be their next elected official.

Many names on the ballots were once names on the doors of classrooms.

“I'm exactly what we need in state government because I'm living those experiences of barely being able to pay for insulin at the end of the month off my teacher salary,” said Hicks.

Hicks won the Democratic primary for the District 40 Senate seat.

She said the teacher walkout and years of poor funding in the classroom inspired her to run.

“Unless you have stood in that classroom and witnessed how those funding cuts feel first-hand, you truly don't understand what kind of position we`re still in,” said Hicks.

Hicks said the lack of understanding from lawmakers is the reason that many teachers decided to run.

“It kind of came to a height in 2017, Mark Allen, Senator Mark Allen, who was head of the education committee basically told me I was lying about my class sizes,” said Hicks.

The mom of three said she's not surprised at the results and she believes the people are tired of the status quo.

“I`m so hopeful for a better future for our kids and that`s what this has always been about,” said Hicks.

It's not all about education for Hicks. She's ready to tackle many hot-button issues, like criminal justice reform and healthcare.

Her son has Type 1 diabetes, so affordable healthcare is also important to her.