Metro family says contractor left them with unfinished job

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Stephanie Williams and her mom, Charlotte Williams, wanted to convert their laundry room, powder bath and a closet into a handicap accessible bathroom on the first floor of their Quail Creek home.

Stephanie’s brother, Nick, has ALS and is confined to a wheelchair.

He lives in Altus, but they want him to be comfortable and able to stay at their home in Oklahoma City.

“We wanted him here in our home, you know, and we were real excited about getting this fixed for him,” said Charlotte.

The bathroom was supposed to be complete the beginning of June.

But Stephanie says her contractor, Davin Alexander, stopped showing up.

“I’m really busy, you know. I’m sorry I’ve got other jobs, blah, blah, blah,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie says she paid Alexander at the beginning of May for her tile and found out a month later, he had never even ordered it.

“Thankfully, by my confrontation with him, I personally went with him to the tile company, got the tile ordered,” said Stephanie.

And she says he left a pile of debris in her driveway which she finally loaded in her own truck and dumped it on his driveway.

“I come home and it’s all piled in my driveway,” said Alexander when we contacted him by phone.

“Yeah, she says she got tired of waiting for you to remove it,” the reporter said.

“OK, well that’s fair,” he replied.

Alexander says he has been short-handed and that he is also going through a divorce.

“I did the work side, she did the business side. I can’t do both,” he told us.

Alexander does have a $40,000 judgement against him for the roofing job done on a Yukon home.

The family has video of the shingles literally flapping in the wind.

“There’s nothing wrong. They had high winds and it ripped the roof off. It’s another insurance claim,” Alexander said in response to that case.

“The guy must have ice water running through his veins,” said Charlotte.

The Williams are now stuck with an unfinished job and nowhere for Nick to stay when he comes to visit.

They have paid Alexander around $17,000.

Alexander says he intends to finish the job and that they actually owe him around $3,800 more.

Alexander has half a dozen different court judgements against him for indebtedness.

He told News 4 he plans to file bankruptcy after his divorce and then go to work with someone else.

However, he just filed a new LLC, Limited Liability Company, with the state just one week ago.

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