Vizsla show dog, on the loose after owner’s car crash, found several hours later, thirsty, dog-tired

OKLAHOMA CITY - With waves of heat rising off the Oklahoma River Trail Friday evening, a pack of six humans and one dog went out, only to return a couple hours later, with two dogs.

As hundreds of dogs take part in the Summer Classic Dog Show this weekend at the Oklahoma State Fair Grounds, a Vizsla show dog named Maia definitely had her day after spending hours of it lost.

"We just want to get her back to the car, some water, some air," said LeAnna Sternisha of Flower Mound, Texas, one of the people in the group that found Maia.

"She looked good, not a scratch on her," said Sternisha, who herself has Vizslas. "We got lucky. It all came together."

It's a saga that started roughly seven hours earlier after Maia's owner was involved in a two vehicle crash near the I-40 service road and Pennsylvania Avenue at around 11:30 a.m., according to police.

Police say the minivan, the dog's owner, a woman from Arkansas, was driving failed to stop for a stop light and struck another car, sending the two vehicles down the embankment towards the river. Luckily, the cars didn't enter the water and both drivers were transported to the hospital and were "stable" according to police. But at some point, Maia, got loose.

Word inside the Bennet Event Center, where the dog show is taking place this weekend, quickly spread, especially among other Vizsla owners from across the country. A number of them going out to the trail to search throughout the day, including friends of the woman.

"She's banged up," said Lin Kozlowski. "Has a concussion but she's where she needs to be, in the hospital."

The search party said they found the stranded pup hunkered down along a fence line in some heavy brush, not far from the river trail.

For the search party, it was a first.

"And hopefully the last," said Sternisha. "If it was me, and my dogs, I would want somebody out doing this for me."

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