Hundreds of Oklahomans gather at Keep Families Together rally

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OKLAHOMA CITY – As part of a national demonstration, hundreds gathered at the state capitol Saturday afternoon to rally about the immigration crisis.

Demonstrators say they demand that the government reunite children who have been separated from their parents under President Trump’s immigration stance.

“From the Bible, they take contexts out of it and only love certain people. But like, those same people that will discriminate forget it says, ‘love all thy neighbors,’” said Stephanie Montelongo with Dream Action Oklahoma.

Montelongo came to America from Mexico when she was just a baby.

“I can only just imagine, like when me and my mom came over, like being separated from my mom,” said Montelongo. “So, I can only imagine what the kids that were separated from their families are going through and all of the hurt.”

President Trump has stuck with his stance on immigration during the immigration crisis.

“I will never sacrifice the safety and security of the American People," said Trump during a recent event. “I signed an executive order. We’re gonna keep families together, but the border’s going to be just as tough as is it’s been.”

Regardless, some say the government needs to rethink the situation.

“Honestly, I just broke down and cried. I don’t understand how people are allowing this to happen. I just, that could be me," said Montelongo. “It’s more of a morality issue. Like, how are you okay with this?”


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