Man drowns in Shawnee boating accident

SHAWNEE, Okla. – A morning fishing trip on the lake turns into tragedy.

Police say they responded to a possible drowning at the Shawnee Twin Lakes just before 9 this Sunday morning.

Crews responded and recovered a body from the lake — but were unable to revive him.

“It happens and its just tragic,” said Jim Steel, talking about a drowning just yards away from the pier at Twin Lakes near Shawnee where he was fishing.

46-year-old Little Albert Scott and his brother had been fishing and were allegedly trying to get off the water before strong storms rolled in.

Scott was backing the trailer down the boat ramp, when he noticed the boat drifting away from the dock. Scott got out of the truck and jumped into the water, allegedly trying to swim to the boat to get it back under control . While swimming toward the boat, Scott went under the water and never resurfaced.

“He should have just let the boat go and it would have wound up against the bank somewhere and waited for another boater to come in and went and got it and he would have been walking away,” said Steel.

The Shawnee Fire Department responded and located Scott but were unable to resuscitate him.

“He evidently didn’t have a life jacket on, and the next thing you know, they are taking him to the morgue. Is just tragic that it had to end up this way,” said Steel.

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