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Police: Girl home alone when thieves kick down door

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A man was arrested after allegedly breaking into an apartment while a 17-year-old girl was home alone.

"I have three I have to protect. That does scare me," Mercedes Thompson told News 4.

Thompson, a mother of three, told News 4 they just moved to the area near N.W. 12th and Meridian on Friday.

"We had a little party for my daughter, a little get-together. About eight something, I heard some police sirens," Thompson said.

Officers were responding to a burglary call from a 17-year-old girl a few doors down.

"The victim was inside the apartment and that's when she said she heard a noise and came out and saw that the door had been kicked in and there were several men inside her apartment," Officer Megan Morgan, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said.

According to the police report, the victim shouted at them and all but one of the suspects left.

The victim ran upstairs to grab her cellphone when she ran into the remaining suspect, who was carrying her mother's jewelry box.

"While he was distracted, she was able to run outside and call 911. Now, the man spoke to her as if he knew her," Morgan said. "He even yelled at her from the upstairs bedroom, out of the window as she was outside calling 911."

That suspect, Dontavis McIntyre, claimed to know her mom, but the victim told police she didn't recognize him.

Parents who live in the area, like Thompson, said this is why they always keep a close eye on their little ones.

"I don't keep them outside by themselves. I'm always watching them. You know, something can happen in a slight second," Thompson said.

McIntyre was booked into jail on burglary charges.

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