Residents upset after Oklahoma town euthanizes hundreds of geese

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ALTUS, Okla. - Many folks in a southwest Oklahoma town are crying fowl after hundreds of geese were killed at a reservoir in Altus.

The City of Altus says the increased population, chances of them hitting a plane and the negative impacts on the water were all reasons they had to euthanize the geese.

But some residents say the communication from the city and how they did this was the problem.

“It was just very hush-hush it seemed and that`s why we were so angry,” said Jen Nasluchacz, Altus resident.

Nasluchacz was shocked when she first saw posts all over Facebook this weekend about the geese that were euthanized at the Altus reservoir.

“We were very upset that they were gone and angry,” said Nasluchacz. “As the day went on, we tried to find more information and we got more upset because nothing was being told. Nothing had officially been released and that just aroused suspicion.”

She says this is a place she takes her family to enjoy the wildlife

"My son, he`s 11, he loves animals,” said Nasluchacz. “He wants to be a vet when he grows up. So, to have them not here is really upsetting because my husband and him would go fishing and if they didn't get fish that day, there was always the go to where they could feed the geese or look at the geese."

Matt Wojnowski, the assistant city manager for Altus, says the number of geese was growing.

The United States Department of Agriculture said the migrating birds would likely come back if they were relocated, so the city felt humanely euthanizing them was the only choice.

“Unfortunately, that`s what occurred and we do hope that this will bring back more native wildlife to the reservoir,” said Wojnowski.

The city discussed the geese issues surrounding them at a city council meeting in May.

Nasluchacz says she wishes she had known.

"I personally feel that they could`ve let this out saying, 'Hey, we're having a meeting. The geese are a problem. Please come to the city council meeting,'” she said.

Here is what the city released Monday in regards to the May meeting and decision.

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