“It’s a strapped time really,” Local horse rescue hoping to find homes for nearly 140 horses

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JONES, Okla. - If you've ever thought of owning a horse or adding to your herd, it may be the perfect time.

A local rescue says they're overrun with about 140 horses that are currently available for adoption, and finding them a home could help save another life.

From ponies to gentle giants, there's a wide variety of horses right now at Blaze's Tribute Equine Rescue.

"I'm sure that if you're looking for something, we have it available," Natalee Cross said.

Cross takes horses that are abused and neglected, and nurses them back to health. Lately, she says there have been far more cases of horses coming in than going out.

"It's a strapped time really," Cross said.

It's times like these that make it hard for her to give each horse everything she wishes she could.

"They're getting their basic necessities here," said Cross. "They're getting fed, they're getting all their medical needs met but they're not getting all the attention that they need because we just have so many."

A problem she says isn't just affecting her.

"It seems like everybody in the rescue community is overwhelmed," Cross said. "They have a lot of animals, whether it be dogs, cats, horses. I don't really understand what's going on, but it's a very odd time of the year it seems like."

Now she's hoping those looking to add to their family will consider adopting one of these animals who is ready to get back to riding or just share some joy with others.

Giving horses who've been through so much, a second chance at the life they deserve.

"I got them to this point, now I need somebody to finish off their life doing something great," she said.

If you'd like to adopt or donate, you can find more information on Blaze's Facebook page.

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