Specialized bike for woman with special needs stolen

OKLAHOMA CITY - A specialized bike for a woman with special needs was stolen in broad daylight.

So, with limited mobility and on a fixed income, an Oklahoma City bike rider is hoping others might help her get the one-of-a-kind bicycle back.

"Somebody come up to my house and stole my bicycle," said Nita McCord.

McCord is not just talking about any "off-the-shelf" 10-speed. Her "specialized" bike is a specially modified 24-speed.

"It had a lot of customization done to it so it could handle my particular physical capabilities," she told News 4.

Those physical limitations come from an accident - 24 sheets of roof decking fell on her.

"If it hadn’t been for a cardboard box, I would have been crushed to death. Instead, it split one knee cap, tore the ACL top and bottom. I can't walk from here to the corner without a lot of pain," she said.

To keep what little mobility she has left in her legs, her doctors recommended riding a bike, but not just any bicycle.

"It has a very low pass through, it's like, 17 inches from the ground because I can't pick my knees up very well. I do know they don’t make them like that anymore," she said.

McCord says the bike was stolen in broad daylight between 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Friday from her car port near N.W. 10th and Portland Ave, along with the trailer she used to go shopping with.

A neighbor has lent her a new trailer, but without her bike, it wont be going anywhere.

She has posted fliers at pawnshops, convenience stores and searched for the bike on Craigslist.