“I don’t want to die,” 911 calls detail horrifying moment gunman opened fire at Lake Hefner restaurant 

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OKLAHOMA CITY - “I don’t want to die,” cried a girl who had been shot at Louie’s on Lake Hefner.

Oklahoma City Police have released nearly an hour’s worth of 911 calls that were made during the shooting that injured four people and left the gunman, Alexander Tilghman, dead.

“It looks like he is wearing a white t-shirt. I hear—cops are on the way. I hear sirens already,” said a manager of the restaurant.

And then, more gunfire.

“He’s shooting, he’s shooting again! Guys, get inside,” said the manager.

Inside of a bathroom, a mother and a daughter took refuge.

“There’s an active shooter at (sic) Lake Hefner! My daughter just got shot,” a woman told dispatch. “You’re okay. Baby, you’re okay! You’re not going to die.”

Natalie Will and her daughter, Syniah Giles, were both shot. Another girl at the restaurant was also injured in the gunfire.

“Someone (sic) come in shooting,” said another woman. “I’m hiding under a table!”

Some of the people calling in described Tilghman.

“White shirt. Really big hair. He had some headphones on or something,” said one person.

“He was wearing ear protection and he had a handgun and he was shooting at the front door,” said another.

Tilghman was killed by two armed civilians outside of the restaurant.

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