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Young Oklahoma boy who battled a brain tumor is inspiring others

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - Some kids beg their parents to buy them fireworks for the Fourth of July, but not Doc West.

West has been going to Rudy's Fireworks Stand the past two years, bringing just a little bit of money he earns mowing laws and collecting cans.

He saves the rest and is inspiring others to work for what they want in life.

“I mow people's yards and I get $10 for it,” said West.

He may look like any regular kid doing chores but, Doc has been through a rough patch.

He was born with a brain tumor, and had to have half of the tumor cut out of his brain. The right side of his body is still very weak, and he says he has been bullied in school.

However, Doc says he enjoys helping others.

“Helping with the yard or building a dog house. He built his sister a bird house one time and he just took that and ran with it,” said Doc’s mom, Jennifer Hunt. “He can do that. He understands how things fit together.”

Hunt says it also helps him with therapy.

“He crushes his cans using his right side, which strengthens his muscles, his hands and his reflexes and then he figured out he could make money from it and he was gone,” she said.

He's mowing lawns and collecting cans to save up money.

“There's a two-story house at Lowe's and it's $8,000 and I am saving my money for it,” said West.

So far, he has almost $400.

Brandi Parsons, who`s working at the fireworks stand Doc's been coming to, says he's inspired her.

“It really touches your heart to have survived so much and be thriving and loving life and just doing as well as he is,” said Parsons.

Hunt says she`s happy he`s learning how to make the most of life -- learning that nothing is given to you.

“It blows my me away and it makes me more comfortable and at peace with what`s going to happen as he grows into an adult because he`s already a great kid,” said Hunt.

Doc says he`s just a phone call away if you need your lawn mowed.

“Sure, I`ll mow it,” said West.

Rudy's Fireworks, located near Hwy 102 and Hwy 9 in Tecumseh ,is donating all of their proceeds to the local hospital so sick children will have a toy or stuffed animal to have when they're going through treatment.

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