Man arrested after driving into parade on Fourth of July in Bethany

BETHANY, Okla. – A man has been arrested after driving into a parade on the Fourth of July in Bethany.

Police said 34-year-old Jeremy Hensley was seen speeding before trying to drive in the 7200 block of N.W. 36th Street, which was shut down for the parade. Hensley was unable to get through, then driving over grass between a street sign and a telephone pole.

That’s when police stopped Hensley. He immediately exited the vehicle and laid down on the ground.

Police said Hensley’s “pupils were dilated, he was extremely talkative, his speech pattern was rapid and his movements were rapid and exaggerated.” He “could not focus on simple tasks, and he could not control his movements.”

According to police, Hensley was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. An open bottle of liquor was also found in the front passenger seat of the vehicle.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported at the parade.