Family searching for vandal who targeted Oklahoma City food truck

OKLAHOMA CITY - A food truck owner is looking for a man caught on camera vandalizing her business.

This happened at the Babalu food truck off May and Northwest Grand Boulevard.

Early Saturday morning, the Voyles woke up to alerts on their phone from their ring camera. What they saw shocked them.

"She was in just absolute tears, just heartbroken,” said James Voyles, the husband of the food truck owner.

Voyles said his wife broke down after seeing the food truck she started three years ago being vandalized. She couldn't believe someone would rip off the designs in the middle of the night.

“It means a ton,” Voyles said. “I mean, she's put a lot of heart and soul into it.”

He said her homemade recipes are why people keep going back, but they're tired of people messing with the truck when they're not there. In the fall, someone else was caught on camera trying to steal their generator.

“They're just stupid,” Voyles said. “They have their own stuff that they want to do and, if they want to hurt someone else like this, there's really nothing that you can do about it. Just hope that karma will get them later.”

Voyles and his wife are trying to make the most of the situation and focus on the positive feedback she's been getting since it happened. They just hope vandals think twice before doing it again.

“Her reviews are great. Everyone loves her food,” Voyles said. “It's just sad to see someone took the effort to vandalize it, but all she's got out of it is just positive feedback from other people actually condemning the senseless action that this gentleman did but it's helped her out because it's shown her how much people like her and like her product. It's just jealousy or something.”

Voyles said they have given a name of a potential suspect to the police, but, if you recognize the man in the video, contact Oklahoma City police.

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