“Making sure they’re ready when duty calls,” K9s gather in Oklahoma City for explosive-detection training

OKLAHOMA CITY - At the State Fairgrounds, training and certification for officers with paws.

K9 U.S. service members and local K9 officers are working with the ATF to sniff out danger. They're highly intelligent and motivated.

"This is the most fun these dogs will have throughout the day," said OHP Trooper Adrian Carillo.

About 25 dogs from Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas going through a crucial three-day training and certification with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

"Making sure they're ready when duty calls," Carillo said.

For a particular training exercise, there's a number of cans laid out. Inside of them are different odors.

Some of them could be anything from a glove to different types of food - but others are different types of explosive odors. The goal is to make sure the dogs can differentiate between the two.

"Some of the dogs and agencies here don't have access to some of the explosives that are used in real-world threats these days, so we are here to make sure they can find those," said Cody Monday with the ATF.

OHP is one of the agencies participating with their four explosive-detecting dogs.

Carillo said K9s need constant training and reinforcement for changing dangers.

"It's a pretty serious environment that you're bringing these dogs into on a call. So, you want to prepare and train everyday scenario train as if you're going on a call," he said.

Also at the event was Titan, a K9 member of the ATF.

Based out of Dallas, Titan has responded to events like the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting, the Dallas police shootings and the Austin package bombings. He's even worked security for the New England Patriots at the Super Bowl.

At the training, he demonstrated his off-leash sniffing skills. It's expertise, unique to man's best friend.

Some of the dogs are motivated by toys, others by food. It just depends on their personality and appetite.

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