Broken crosswalks in Moore could make for dangerous situations

MOORE, Okla -- It's a walking nightmare for pedestrians in Moore.

Crosswalks along 19th street aren't working or are just missing parts, and folks say they have to find an alternate route.

"When I first moved out here, the streetlight didn't work and I kept waiting and waiting," said Bryan Johnson.

Johnson said the issue has been going on for months. He moved to area near 19th and Fritts back in March.

He said the crosswalk has yet to work.

"I probably waited about five to ten minutes, I was, 'Ugh, it's not moving. I guess I'll go another way,'" Johnson said.

News 4 tried the crosswalk out for ourselves and waited longer than five minutes for the light to never change.

The panel door that controls the function of the lights is being held up by tape.

"It's a very busy street and certainly if there are problems [that] come up, we want to address those," said Brooks Mitchell, city manager.

Just last month a pedestrian was killed crossing the intersection.

The investigation into the cause of the crash is still ongoing, but it proves just how dangerous the traffic can get.

"If there's a concern that the cross walk is not functioning properly, we will encourage the citizens to call City Hall and bring it to our attention," said Mitchell.

Johnson said he just wants to see the problem fixed.