Mischievous goat wreaking havoc in Oklahoma town

CHEROKEE, Okla-  A mischievous goat in northwestern Oklahoma is keeping local law enforcement officers busy and entertaining local residents.

“He’s just a normal goat. Eats a lot, does what goats do “ said Doug Murrow, the goat's owner.

However, normal goats usually don’t hang out at bars and get in standoffs with police.

Whitey, the goat, apparently does but, Cherokee, Oklahoma residents  know him by his street name, Kevin.

“We started getting animal complaints about him running loose and somewhere along the way, we tagged him with the name Kevin,” said Chief Ryan McNeil, with the Cherokee Police Department.

Kevin’s antics go over the police scanners and get put in print in the weekly paper, which is how the legend of Kevin truly began.

“Kevin has been a regular for quite some time in the paper and quite a humorous read. One week, it's Kevin, the wayward goat, is at 3rd and Kansas , concerned citizen reports he is at the bar. Transported by local chief back home and placed on house arrest. It just doesn’t get more humorous than that,” said  Cherokee resident, Tammy Harmon.

Harmon liked the saga of Kevin so much, she teamed up with Curtis Robinson to start a Facebook page for the mischievous billy. In just one week, it has close to 400 followers.

“Kevin and the police officer had a stand off on Grand and the highway. Kevin refused to surrender. Kevin was finally apprehended and gave himself up. I thought someone was yankin' my chain. I thought someone at the paper was just making things up,” said Robinson.

The night Kevin went to the bar, his owner got a call from Chief McNeil.

“He has been down to the bar. I loaded him up and took him back home. He is on house arrest now," he said.

So what does house arrest entail for a goat?

“You stick him back in his fenced in area and hook the chain back on,” said Chief McNeil.

Kevin is now famous, and t-shirts are in the works.

“Now when people call and see him out, it's not 'There’s a goat loose.' It's, 'Hey, Kevin the goat is running loose,'" said McNeil.

But that fame might be short lived. There are reports of a girlfriend for Kevin being brought in from Luther. Kevin’s owner thinks it might settle him down.

"Keep him from his wild side. He would want to stay home more," said Murrow.