Judge postpones competency hearing for Bixby bombing case

Benjamin Roden

BIXBY, Okla. – A judge has postponed a hearing for a man accused of bombing a military recruiting station outside Tulsa after concerns he wasn’t receiving proper medical treatment in custody.

The Tulsa World reports that the federal judge on Wednesday delayed an arraignment and competency hearing for Benjamin Roden after his attorney said Tulsa County jail officials weren’t following his doctor’s medication orders.

A pipe bomb exploded July 2017 in front of an unoccupied Air Force recruiting station in Bixby. Fortunately, no one was injured since the recruitment center was closed at the time.

Roden was indicted and determined incompetent to stand trial a month later. He was transferred from federal prison to the county jail last month with instructions he be provided medication by injection.

Roden’s attorney says he was jailed for over a week before being given medication in pill form.

The judge says he’d grant the continuance until Aug. 7.