Man arrested after allegedly stabbing man over seats at ‘The First Purge’

SHERMAN, Texas – A Texas man is facing charges after he allegedly stabbed another man at a movie theater.

Police said it all started when Bryan Morrison went to see ‘The First Purge’ at the Cinemark in Sherman, Texas on Friday.

“It’s ironic the stabbing occurred given the nature of the film,” said Sgt. Brett Mullen, with the Sherman Police Department.

Investigators say Morrison wouldn’t sit in his reserved seat, and moved seat-to-seat throughout the theater.

Eventually, he sat down in Terry Honore’s reserved spot and Honore asked him to move.

Court documents claim that Morrison moved, but told Honore, “I should be able to sit where I want.”

“That led to a physical fight and the suspect stabbed the victim in the abdomen,” Sgt. Mullen told KXII. 

Morrison was arrested several days later for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Honore suffered a stab wound that was six-inches deep, but he is expected to be OK.