Metro road to be replaced following complaints from drivers

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YUKON, Okla. - Frustrated drivers are at the breaking point with a road they said is damaged beyond repair. Now, Oklahoma City Public Works officials said there’s a solution.

It’s the stretch of Cemetery Road between Britton Road and Wilshire Boulevard.

“You drive down the road, and it feels like your tires are going to come off,” said Tom Yoos.

Yoos is one of many who lives over on the side of the city and said he does his best to avoid it.

“I’ll drive my old car on this road because it’s already been beat up by this road,” he said, “but I won’t drive any of our new vehicles.”

But, it can’t always be avoided because it’s one of the main thoroughfares connecting the people who live in the neighborhoods around with Yukon. In fact, Yoos said the route is frequently traveled on.

“You would think that they would want it fixed,” he said.

Yoos himself has been trying to get it fixed for years to no avail.

“They’ve been out over the past five, six, seven years repairing the road, but it doesn’t do any good,” he said. “Nothing gets done. So, I’m fed up now. I want something done."

News 4 checked with the city, and Yoos and other drivers are in luck. The road is slated to be completely replaced.

“It will be reconstructed in the next six months or so,” said Oklahoma City Public Works spokesperson Shannon Cox.

The stretch of road made it onto the Oklahoma City Better Streets Safer Cities list, one of the streets to be resurfaced with the Temporary Penny Sales Tax program.

“This one does rate high on quality, as far as low-quality,” Cox said. “That’s obviously how this one got pushed farther up to the top of the list."

So, drivers should be seeing the change they’ve waited for.

“Replacement is necessary,” Yoos said “Repair is just not going to do it anymore.”

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