New data: Number of homeless people in Oklahoma City is dropping

OKLAHOMA CITY – The number of people experiencing homelessness in Oklahoma City has dropped, according to new data.

According to a report released by the City of Oklahoma City and the Homeless Alliance, the number fell for the second straight year. In fact, officials say the homeless population has dropped 22 percent since 2016.

The report is based on a one-day census that happens every January.

This year, officials say 1,183 people were counted. However, experts estimate that the number of people who are experiencing homelessness is four to five times its one-night census.

The report found that 10 percent of the population are veterans, which has dropped from 18 percent last year.

Officials say 21 percent are members of families with children, and 14 percent are 24-years-old or younger.

For the past several years, families with children have been the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in Oklahoma City. This year, there was a 31 percent decrease in that population.

“Agencies throughout the community have made major strides at housing people and streamlining processes to end homelessness, among families with children, veterans and chronic populations,” said Dan Straughan, executive director of the Homeless Alliance. “Homelessness is a complex issue that can’t be solved by any single agency. We’ve worked really hard to bring together multiple nonprofits and government agencies to take a team approach to housing people, and it’s working.”