Oklahoma teens mowing lawns to raise money for school supplies

LAWTON, Okla. – While many kids are relaxing during summer break, a group of teenagers in Lawton is spending their time mowing lawns to raise money for school supplies.

“Every day, we get up at like 9 o’clock, cut grass and ask people,” said Elijah Smith.

All summer, you can find 15-year-old Elijah Smith and his three cousins mowing lawns in Lawton. Smith says he has a lot of siblings and their family struggles to make ends meet.

As a way to help their family and the community, the boys decided they would make money to buy school supplies.

“So we can get our education stuff; pencils, notebooks. So we can have stuff for school,” said Jacquvis Paoli.

“So we can stay on our grades and be focused and stay on task in school,” Smith told KSWO.

Smith and Paoli also play football at Lawton High School.