Carvana bringing car vending machine to Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – A company that prides itself on making it easier for customers to buy a car is coming to Oklahoma City.

According to our partners at OKCTalk, Carvana is planning to build a new facility in north Oklahoma City.

The facility is expected to include a multi-story vending machine that can dispense cars to local buyers.

Credit: OKCTalk

After purchasing a car online, customers can select the option to pick up their car from the vending machine location. When they arrive at the site, customers find their transaction in a kiosk and the car is dispensed.

The company will continue to offer car delivery to a home or business as an alternative.

The new facility, which will be built at 1800 W. Memorial Rd., will consist of a 5,800 square foot building and vending tower.

Credit: OKCTalk