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Football beer sales at OSU score a touchdown with fans

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STILLWATER, Okla. - Bring on the beer - Oklahoma State University will begin selling beer at home football games this fall.

Boone Pickens Stadium will have 22 locations near the concession stands where people can purchase beer.

"It's just about expanding those options and creating that kind of fan experience," said Chad Weinberg, assistant athletic director.

The move comes as a big win for many Oklahoma State fans.

"I think it's time we catch up. I think the athletic department, those guys have always done a great job in, let's help the fan experience," said Roger Demaree.

Starting in August, during the first home game, people will be able to buy beer.

"I think it's great, you know, Oklahoma State University is all about improving the experience for all of their guests," said Stan Clark, CEO of Eskimo Joe's.

Clark knows what OSU fans like and beer may sit on the top of that list.

However, some can't help but wonder - could this mean bad business for local bars and restaurants?

"We just don't look at it that way," said Clark. "I don't think it would have any positive or negative impact on our business, except if they can attract more people, that will be better for everybody."

However, with the beer, comes rules.

Those who want to buy a drink can only get two at a time and fans will not be allowed to leave the stadium once the game begins.

Weinberg says it's all about safety.

"We want to provide a controlled environment that consumption of alcohol happens in. So, yes, everyone will be trained on how to serve, what to look for," said Weinberg.

The re-entry rule is not fazing most fans.

"There's gotta be, you gotta draw the line a little bit. I think it's fine," Demaree said.

OSU is expecting to make money off the sales, but staff say that money will go back into providing great experiences for the fans.

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