“He’s in his own prison,” Father sentenced for drunk driving crash that killed young son

SHERMAN, Texas – A Texas father who was convicted in a drunk driving crash that killed his 7-year-old son will spend the next 18 years in prison.

Investigators say that 36-year-old Kristoffer Craft was driving drunk, using his cell phone and speeding when he ran through a stop sign and crashed into a house. The crash killed Craft’s 7-year-old son, Kolton.

Neighbors at the scene claimed that Craft, who is a former police officer, told them not to call 911 when the crash occurred.

Investigators say Kolton wasn’t wearing a seat belt when the crash occurred, and died from internal injuries to his head, neck, ribs and lungs.

In May, it took a jury less than an hour to convict Craft of felony murder.

On Thursday afternoon, Craft was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the crime.

Family members say the sentence doesn’t really matter to Craft, who can’t forgive himself for what he’s done.

“It rips him apart to think about it. Doesn’t matter where he is, he’s in his own prison,” Pam Thompson, Craft’s mother, told KXII.