2 on the run, 2 arrested after chase ends in crash in the metro

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two suspects are still on the run and two others have been arrested following an overnight pursuit and crash.

It all started around midnight near NW 39th and Penn when officers attempted to pull over a vehicle.

"I wake up, and I look outside, and there's a white SUV plowed into my neighbor's house, and there's cops everywhere and I'm like what in the world is going on," said Jearold Gill.

What was going on was chaos at the home across the street from Gill's house.

"The vehicle, that vehicle over there, fled with four suspects in it or four individuals in it and, during the pursuit, tossed out a hand gun and the pursuit is briefly lost for a second," said Lt. Ivan Esau with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Then, near NW 36th and Amelia, right across from Gill's house, the suspects drove right through the front yard of a home, crashing into it.

Fortunately, the only damage done was a dented gutter.

"This was built during the 1930s, solid rock. My parents built it, 1930s. It was finished in 1941, right around Pearl Harbor. That house, somebody took the corner out, took nine months to fix it, look at this one," said homeowner Jack Mill, referencing his neighbor's home, where the same thing happened a few months ago, compared to his.

After crashing into Mill's home, the suspects took off down the road, ran through another backyard, left a fence open and let a horse loose.

Police later found the horse, who is named Lucky, according to neighbors.

Police also tracked down two of the four suspects, Nolberto Cotton and Brian Bonotto. The two were booked into jail on various charges, including possession of a firearm with a former felony conviction.

"You don't get really adjusted to it. It happens. Every day, something is going to come up," Mills said.

Mills told News 4 he slept through it all. He said he's thankful no one was hurt.

"Everybody is perfect. We lucked out," Mills said.