Cowboys Take Center Stage at Big 12 Football Media Days

It's been THE topic of Oklahoma State football this offseason. Not a quarterback battle, but a battle of words about the state of the program between Athletic Director Mike Holder and coach Mike Gundy.

Holder made comments to the Pistols Firing Blog that he didn't think the Cowboys finished high enough in the recruiting rankings. He added that he thinks the coaches need to get out and do a little bit more recruiting to turn the "five stars into seven stars" talking about recruiting and developing more elite players.

Mike Gundy officially responded to those comments at Big 12 Media Days in Frisco saying, "I knew exactly what he was saying and he was taken out of context the reason he apologized was because of the world we live in that’s what happens it never concerned me for a second because I know him I’ve known him a long time and I know exactly what he thinks and I know exactly what he expects and he has a pretty good feel for what I think and I expect."

Among the other topics OSU had to answer to is the quarterback spot and how the replace Mason Rudolph. Mike Gundy gave senior walk on Taylor Cornelius a boost of confidence calling him "our guy" heading into August. That's before both senior Hawaii transfer Dru Brown and freshman Spencer Sanders make their way on to campus.

Also, Oklahoma State is looking for new ways to honor their historic football figures. Mike Gundy was asked about potentially adding a Barry Sanders statue on campus. Gundy said, "It’s in the works right now. I don’t think it will be much longer that we’ll have a stature of Barry up I can’t give you a date on that. I don’t play much of a role in that other than that I thought we needed it."

Brian Brinkley and Nate Feken have the full breakdown from Frisco in the videos above.