Local business invited to White House for ‘Made In America’ showcase

SHAWNEE, Okla. - A long-standing local business is being honored by the White House.

Shawnee's Round House American-Made Jeans will represent our state at the 'Made in America' product showcase. There - companies from all 50 states are honored by the Trump Administration for making "made in America the world standard for quality and craftsmanship."

Round House Jeans has been in business since 1903, before statehood. Their main focus, all this time, has been quality American-made jeans.

From cutting the denim to getting the stitching just right, even down to the buttons, employees who have put in as many as nearly 40 years on the job put a lot of work into making their jeans and overalls.

"That's something that you don't learn overnight," said David Antosh, whose family owns the company. "It takes years to get good at sewing American-made jeans."

Named after railroad repair stations, Round House Jeans started in the early 1900s when Shawnee was a big railroad town. Antosh's family purchased the business in the 1960s.

Throughout the years, they've seen a lot of jeans and a lot of loyalty.

"We have a lot of customers whose grandfathers, and their grandfathers and great great grandfathers always wore Round House because we've been in the state so long," Antosh said.

Many have worn the jeans and overalls famously over the years, like Christopher Walkin, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simspon and Miranda Lambert. The president wore them at an event years ago and should be familiar with the jeans when he sees it at the White House.

Round House has even set a record.

"At our 100th anniversary, we made the world's largest pair of bib overalls," Antoshn said.

They now have three factories - one in Shawnee, one in Kansas and their newest in Texas.

"So, we employ more Americans making clothing here in the United States than we ever have before," Antosh said.

"I'm grateful because I have a job," said Kawanna McCarrell, a longtime employee.

The 'Made in America' showcase will be Monday at the White House.

Antosh said he's proud to have his family's company represent the state. He's also excited to see other American-made products from across the country.

Ditch Witch represented Oklahoma there last year.