Own your own business at 11 and 12? These kids from Dibble, OK thought that was a pretty good deal.

DIBBLE, OKLAHOMA -- Late afternoons are the hottest part of the day in Dibble, Oklahoma.

That's when the Arctic Blast Snow Cone stand is busiest.

Baseball Practice finishes up around that time.

Parents arrive for carpool, and passersby just stop to see what's going on.

They all line up for snow cones at the Arctic Blast, Dibble's newest business at 3 weeks, with its youngest entrepreneurs, 12-year-old Haley Landress and her 11-year-old brother Dylan.

"We were just wanting to start something here," says Haley, "and we just decided to start up this snow cone stand."

It was either this or spend the summer working with dad Jeremy Landress remodeling rent houses.

"Haley decided there had to be some way to make money better than working with dad," he laughs.

They pooled goat show money, emptied Christmas and birthday cards, and bought this used trailer from Texas.

They experimented with some flavors to get them just right, then opened the window for business.

"How's it going," asks a first time visitor?

"Pretty good," they say. "We've had a few slow days but we've made it good."

Haley and Dylan got a break from the Kim and Kevin's convenience store on their sweet location next to the highway and the school.

The Landress kids even hired a couple of employees to keep the place running while they were out.

Arctic Blast is open 12 to 8 and, aside from a short vacation to the lake, one of the kids is here just about all the time collecting cash for cold treats.

They both know it takes discipline to work and save.

"Put it in the bank," smiles Haley.

So when the 'dog days' of summer hit and you don't feel like doing much of anything consider your own choices.

Sometimes a little sweet ice in your face can make all the difference.

The Arctic Blast has its own page on Facebook.com @arcticblastshavediceDibbleOK