Woman claims salmonella contracted at White Water Bay

OKLAHOMA CITY - After a woman’s Facebook post - which claimed someone was infected with salmonella at White Water Bay - went viral, the park is firing back.

In the now-deleted post, the woman said she knows someone who contracted salmonella at the park and is “fighting for their life.” The woman also claims the person suffered a stroke and kidney failure as a result of the alleged infection.

Management for White Water Bay said the situation is “a viscous rumor” and “100% UNTRUE" and no reports have been made to the park or authorities about salmonella.

“I got a call with a salmonella-positive case," said Ozair Naqvi with the Oklahoma City-County Health Department, who noted the call came in Monday. “This case indicated that they did swim in White Water within that incubation period.”

But, according to water tests conducted on July 10, the water at the park wasn't conducive to salmonella.

“They actually had more chlorine than was needed and, so, they weren’t under the limit," said Naqvi, who added salmonella is spread through contaminated food, not sources of water. “Those are typically the common avenues you would see a salmonella infection from - not something such as a water source like White Water which, in our opinion, ruled it out based on the evidence we have and based on our inspection of the pool sites.”