City of Edmond seeking responses from residents on survey 

Welcome to Edmond

EDMOND, Okla. – 3,500 homes in Edmond are currently receiving surveys in the mail asking about satisfaction with the services provided by the City of Edmond.

The National Research Center, Inc. is conducting the survey for the city to determine the level of satisfaction among citizens when it comes to the majority of services provided.

Residents will indicate how pleased they are with services such as police and fire response, parks and recreation programming and the customer service provided by city employees in various departments.

“The information we learn from the survey is vital to us for measuring our residents’ attitudes about the services we provide. It also helps us identify trends in customer satisfaction here in Edmond as well as in similar cities around the country,” said City Manager Larry Stevens.

Residents who received the survey have until August 31 to complete it.

After that, the NRC will analyze the data and compile reports to be presented to City Council and management before the end of October.

The city will pay $36,550 for NRC to conduct the survey, analyze and report results, and provide post-survey discussions with decision makers to ascertain the next steps for acting on the findings.