Group protests Supreme Court nominee in downtown Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – Protesters were out in force to protest President Trump’s latest Supreme Court nominee.

Protesters gathered outside of the Devon Tower in downtown Oklahoma City on Thursday afternoon.

A group from Planned Parenthood Great Plains protested President Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.

The group was specifically asking Sen. James Lankford and Sen. Jim Inhofe to reject the president’s pick.

“From what we can tell, Kavanaugh is actually no moderate. He is somebody who has, in the past, blocked healthcare access to people who need it,” said Meghan Newman, with Planned Parenthood Great Plains.

Sen. Lankford met with Kavanaugh on Thursday.

Lankford took to Twitter, saying Kavanaugh was a “good guy” and that he looks forward to his hearings.

Meanwhile, Sen. Inhofe has described the nominee as an “outstanding choice” for Supreme Court.