“It’s one of the gravest crimes you can commit,” Family, Cashion police chief search for cross stolen from cemetery

CASHION, Okla. - It's a crime that's angered the town's police chief and broken a family's heart - a cross stolen from a grave in the Cashion cemetery.

It infuriates and saddens you at the same time.

Cary Duncan's wife, Vicki Duncan, was the one who first discovered the one-of-a-kind railroad spike cross made specifically for her husband had been taken.

"It was the anniversary of his passing, the 17th of July," Vicki said. "His headstone is still there, but the cross was missing."

The strange thing about it is there weren't any other signs of theft or vandalism. The only thing missing was the cross that used to sit right there.

"He loved everybody," said Cashion Police Chief Veronica Thomas. "He knew everybody. Everybody knew him. He never met a stranger, so I don't understand why someone would do that."

Thomas was also puzzled - and angered.

"It's one of the gravest crimes you can commit," she said.

She and Vicki were a part of a coffee group who met up at a local restaurant and became good friends.

"We'd just sit around and talk about the world, and he'd always play jokes on us and tease us," Thomas said. "It was kind of like having a big brother."

When Cary passed a year ago, it was a hard hit for everyone who knew him.

Two of his favorite things were horses and cars.

His ashes were delivered to his final resting place in his beloved beautiful blue Nova.

Now, those who loved him hope to see the special cross back at the site.

"Bring it back the way you took it - under the shadow of darkness, and just put it back and we'd be thrilled," Thomas said.

Vicki said she doesn't want anyone to get in trouble over it. She just wants to see it returned.

If you have any information, call Cashion police.