Langston man accused of raping woman and leaving her half naked along the road

LANGSTON, Okla. – A woman in Langston was found half naked passed out alongside the road after police say she was raped. Authorities ultimately arrested one man and are looking for other possible victims.

The woman was found early Friday morning after she had allegedly been in the road for at least two hours.

“She was partially clothed, and her purse and everything were scattered in the ditch,” said Langston Police Chief Kelly Banwart.

According to court documents, she was found with “her panties to your [sic] ankles, and pants next to her.”

Authorities rushed her to the hospital, where she didn’t wake up until the next day.

“She didn’t recall anything from Friday morning, about 4 o’clock in the morning, until she woke up at the hospital,” Banwart said.

Police said the woman was last seen taking prescription pills given to her by Marcus Bradford, and getting into his car.

The day after she was found, Bradford was arrested on an unrelated domestic assault charge, so police interviewed him in jail. That’s when police said he admitted to what happened with the woman found passed out.

“Basically a full confession of what occurred,” Banwart said. Officials say those charges will be added to the others related to the domestic violence incident.

Now police are looking for other victims.

“We’ve heard stories that he has a tendency of flaunting he has pills,” Banwart said.

Investigators recommended the district attorney charge Bradford with two counts of rape by instrumentation in the second degree.