Oklahoma drivers helping conservation efforts with specialty license plates

OKLAHOMA CITY – Thousands of Oklahoma drivers are helping conservation efforts across the state with a simple move at the tag agency.

“Purchasing a wildlife conservation license plate is an easy way to identify as a wildlife enthusiast, and a portion of the fee goes directly to the Wildlife Department to help fund nongame conservation projects,” said Jena Donnell, information specialist with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

For each plate, $20 of the $38 specialty plate fee will be used to monitor nongame wildlife populations. License plate sales also provide for wildlife-watching events.

“We have nine great hunting, fishing or wildlife-watching designs,” Donnell said. “Our most popular designs include the deer, scissor-tailed flycatcher and largemouth bass.”

Other plates in the wildlife conservation lineup include the Texas horned lizard, quail, turkey, mallard, striped bass, and trout designs.

Applications for personalized or pre-numbered conservation plates are available online or at the tag agency.

The specialty plate fee is in addition to annual vehicle registration fees.