OG&E power outage planned for the city of Crescent, police say

CRESCENT, Okla. – An OG&E power outage is planned for the city of Crescent tonight.

According to the Crescent Police Department, the outage starts at midnight and is expected to last three hours or less.

“OG&E stated that a piece of equipment is failing and must be replaced. When the equipment fails, it will most likely fail during high usage times. The failure will cause several other pieces of equipment to go out and will cause a SIGNIFICANT down time for electricity,” police said in a post on Facebook. “Bottom line is that the part must be replaced to avoid an unplanned outage during the middle of the day. It is going to fail soon. OG&E is doing the replacement in the middle of the night when it is not as hot and the impact will be less.”

Service should be restored sometime before Saturday at 3 a.m.

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