Metro woman finds naked intruder in her bed

OKLAHOMA CITY – A metro woman returned to her studio to find an intruder naked in her bed.

Police were called to Chaos Studio near Northwest 6th and Western.

Jennifer Mayo owns Chaos Studio, a place where people can re-purpose and smash electronics.

Mayo said her alarm went off early in the morning and police went out. However, police didn’t see any signs of an intruder, so they left.

But, when Mayo looked through a window, she saw someone was inside. They pulled out the AC on the wall.

“Pushed it through and, then, he put it back in and it didn’t really, I guess, alarm the police that it had come out because he had put it back,” she said.

Mayo said the intruder, now identified as Mathew Zimmerli, made himself at home.

“He ate the food in the fridge, and I think he kind of got the idea of chaos here because he took apart one of the appliances," she said. "He got out all of the tools, and I could tell he had been tinkering on different things.”

Zimmerli was also thirsty.

“He drank about six bottles of water, had a can of beer and ate almonds,” said Mayo, who called police again.

Mayo and her landlord went inside and found Zimmerli in bed.

“We locked him in the office. He was already in there," she said. "He was nude at the time.”

He also allegedly bathed and did laundry during his time in the studio.

Mayo believes Zimmerli is homeless, and she’s not too upset because she said she wanted to do business in the area to help people.

“Well, trespassing is wrong. But, in the same time, we live in a society where we’ve allowed people to get to that point,” she said.

Zimmerli was taken to jail for burglary.

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