Midwest City police officers reunite with stabbing victim

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Three officers with the Midwest City Police Department are being called heroes after being at the right place at the right time.

Tinisha Buitron was attacked by her ex-boyfriend on June 10 at an OnCue. Now, she has reunited with the officers who saved her life.

Officers found Buitron in the parking lot at 1620 South Air Depot with multiple stabs wounds. They didn't think she'd make it but, just 15 days later, she walked into the Midwest City Police Department and shocked them.

“It was a special moment,” said Major Robert Cornelison. “It's not something we normally get to do."

The last time Cornelison, Officer Bo Hurst and Sgt. Seth Brown saw buitron, she was in critical condition. And, Wednesday - she got to meet her heroes.

“We usually don't have a chance to meet our victims like that, and it meant a lot to the officers and I know it meant a lot to her to be able to sit down, have a conversation about what happened and to see her doing so well,” Cornelison said.

All of the officers just happened to be close by that day.

Brown was on the other side of the OnCue, working on a police report in his car. As soon as he heard the call come out, he went around the corner and got Randall Cornelius to stop stabbing Buitron.

Cornelison and Hurst were just a half a mile away and got there right after to help.

“All of those things lining up together is definitely rare, but it all worked like it's supposed to be and so we are happy with our response,” Cornelison said.

Cornelison said he couldn't believe how well Buitron was doing when they saw her.

“I think she was emotional,” he said. “I can't really speak for her for sure, but I could just tell that it meant a lot to her and I still cannot get over the fact that I could stand there and talk to her just like you and I are where, 15 days prior to that, she was laying on the pavement.”

Cornelison said it's a reunion he'll never forget.

“It's going to be something I'll remember forever,” he said.

Cornelius spent time in prison several times in the past for various drug and assault charges. He was booked into jail on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon domestic abuse.