Family fun at Fort Gibson Lake turns into nightmare after E. coli scare 

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FORT GIBSON, Okla. – An Oklahoma family says their trip to the lake turn a wrong turn after the mother, grandmother and two daughters were hospitalized due to E. coli.

“I never ever expected two weeks at the lake to turn into who knows how long at the hospital,” said mom Brittanie McClain.

McClain, her two daughters, Paisley and Presley, their grandmother and father, Blaine Plunk, went to Flat Rock Campground at Fort Gibson Lake for some summer fun.

“It was just a bunch of kids and moms and dads playing in the water, feeding geese, fishing, boats, you know the whole thing,” said McClain. “We had a good time until the end.”

Their final days at the lake took a turn for the worse though, after McClain, her daughters and their grandmother fell ill with an E. coli bacterial infection.

“It’s taken a real toll,” said Plunk. “Going back and forth to work from here trying to stay here making sure that upstairs she’s good to go. Seeing her go through everything she’s been through, seeing my mother-in-law go through everything she’s been through.”

McClain believes the girls may have taken a sip of the water at the lake.

“My three-year-old is actually in the PICU right now with some acute kidney failure and a little bit of anemia,” said McClain.

KJRH contacted the Army Corps of Engineers who say they sent rangers to the campsite after learning about the incident.

They say they do regular testing for E. coli, along with other bacteria at swim beaches. However, they say the shoreline at Flat Rock Campground is not a designated swim beach.

“You should come out, you should wash your hands before eating, don’t put your hands in your mouth — try to keep the water out of your mouth in general,” said Brannen Parrish, of the Corps.

The family is now waiting for their three-year-old little girl to come home.

“I want to make sure that the word’s out about the E. coli,” said Blaine. “Make sure no child has to go through what I’ve seen mine go through.”

The family has set up a gofundme account to help with medical expenses.

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