Man taken to hospital in serious condition after shooting in southwest Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are investigating a shooting in southwest Oklahoma City.

Officials responded to an apartment complex after a couple called police saying they heard gunshots near S.W. 66th and S. May Saturday afternoon.

Oklahoma City police say they found one male with one or two gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital where he is in serious condition.

“I was coming out here walking around with the dog and the next thing you know, I seen cops out here," said Daisy Rockette. "Just surrounded with people who just have an attitude.”

“First reaction is what’s going on?," said resident Greg Mash, who wants to know why the shooting happened.  “Well, whatever the issue is, get some help. You know, anger is an issue. Drugs are an issue. Dysfunctional family’s an issue. There’s all kinds of issue that can come down to a point like that.”

Police are still investigating what led up to the shooting and are working to determine who the shooter was.

They say they there was an SUV that sped away from the scene, but do not have any other details.

Authorities are still investigating and no arrests have been made.