Affidavit: Homeowner catches man attempting to break into home, holds him at gunpoint

Jared Bennett

OKLAHOMA CITY – Police say an attempted burglar was taken into custody after being held at gunpoint by the Oklahoma City homeowner.

On July 27, officers were called to a home near Lake Overholser regarding a burglary in progress.

According to the arrest affidavit, the homeowner was in his office when he heard the alarm go off on his security system. The homeowner said he went to the living room and saw that the door to the garage was open, but thought it was simply blown open by the wind.

Moments later, he told police that he heard the alarm go off again and ran back to see the door handle begin to twist.

The homeowner said that he locked the door, grabbed his gun and opened the garage door. At that point, he said that he saw a man run out of the back of the garage into his back yard.

The affidavit states that the victim followed the alleged suspect, identified asĀ 44-year-old Jared Bennett, and held him at gunpoint.

When they were in front of the house, the affidavit states that Bennett “began to rise up on his hands,” which is when the homeowner “accidentally fired one round into the grass away from [Bennett.]”

Bennett was arrested on one complaint of first-degree burglary.