Local law enforcement, volunteers stuff backpacks with school supplies

OKLAHOMA CITY - Linda Chambers is raising her two grandchildren.

Their parents are out of the picture, leaving grandparents, like Linda, raising babies for the second or third time on a fixed income.

“I'm lucky because I am healthy,” she said. “A lot are not.”

Monday, Oklahoma City police, Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, Midwest City PD and other agencies teamed up with Sunbeam Family Services and TRIAD volunteers to stuff close to 400 school backpacks with supplies.

They spent hours shopping, sorting and stuffing.

One of the best parts of the day was seeing the officers and deputies connect with the kids.

“Just because they wear the badge and gun - they're still real people," said Oklahoma City Police Triad Coordinator Sheryl Presley.

These are essential supplies to help take a load off grandparents who give and give expecting very little in return.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s TRIAD coordinator, Corporal Kim Lopez, said some of the grandparents are even raising their great-grandchildren.

“We did have one lady and her husband that was raising 13 grandkids,” she said.

Linda and 13 year-old granddaugther Jessica are now volunteering for the same program that gives back to them each year. 

“I certainly liked packing all of the backpacks, rather than receiving it because it's just giving back and stuff,” Jessica said.

The Oklahoma City Triad Group helps educate and protect seniors from crime.

For more information, contact Presley at 405-316-4336.