Metro dog park purse theft might be part of nation-wide ring

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Edmond, Okla. – An Edmond woman had her purse stolen out of her car at a popular dog park. Edmond police believe it could be part of a larger nation-wide group of thieves.

“I brought my dogs to the dog park with no expectations of anything happening,” Amy Reynolds said.

But, something happened. While walking her Aussie and German shepherd at the dog park, her front window was smashed and her gold Michael Kors purse was grabbed off the floor board.

“My car was already locked, it was half hidden and I just didn’t think anything would happen,” Reynolds said.

Edmond police arrived, and immediately Reynolds started getting alerts from her bank and credit cards of illegal use. The reports were coming from the Target only a couple miles away at 2nd and Bryant.

“Sometimes, they are looking for checkbooks. In this case, they went for credit cards and tried to make quick purchases before she realized her purse was missing,” said Jenny Wagnon of the Edmond Police Department.

The crooks are seen in surveillance photos trying to purchase more than $1,000 in gift cards, but the transaction was denied. They then sped away in a silver RAV4 with a Florida plate.

Edmond police have seen this kind of thing before. Wagnon said groups of crooks have been known to come through grabbing valuables out of parked cars.

“Usually, they are renting vehicles and driving their way across country to do this,” Wagnon said.

Police said they will case the parking lots of gyms, dog parks and day cares.

“Usually, there is someone in the parking lot sitting in a car waiting to see who gets in and out with a purse,” Wagnon said.

Police warn to take extra care not to leave valuables in the cabin at all.

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