Metro employees caught on camera using customer’s truck for work errands

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Caught on camera - a man took in his truck for service, only to find out the folks who were supposed to fix it had been taking it for a joy ride.

Kent Sechrest showed us the videos, and you can see employees of CNG Specialists leaving and running errands to part shops. You can even hear two of the workers talking about using other personal vehicles:

"So, is the truck that Jim drives, is that his personal truck and just makes it into a work truck, or is it actually a work truck?"

"Is that why?" 

"Well, I mean, he owns the business, so..."

"It's just too bad we don't have a regular, you know, parts trucks."

"I just go grab something out of the back."

Sechrest thought his truck was getting serviced when he left it overnight at CNG Specialists, but the video from his dash cam shows otherwise.

"I was shocked to hear them saying they used my car to run errands and they do it all the time, and that's what really bothered me," he said. "That's where I didn't feel it was fair to just let these guys keep going. I felt like people need to know that, hey, if you're going to take your car there, they're going to use it; if you're okay with that, that's okay, but I'm not okay with that."

Sechrest said they never even got around to fixing his truck either.

"He did not finish it Monday," he said. "He said he needed another day. I waited until the end of Tuesday; if he would park it out front, I would come get it. He said, 'Well, I didn't get to it.' I said, 'Well, I am coming to get it anyway. I have to have my car.'"

Sechrest said he would never treat customers of his business that way.

"I repair sewing machines for a living; that's what I do," he said. "I would never take a customer's machine home and use it for personal use just because it was cool, but it's theirs and that's what he did. He made personal use or business use of my vehicle. He didn't offer to tell me or, much less, compensate me for the use of it."

News 4 contacted CNG Specialists.

We asked for the manager, and the man said he could talk to us. He declined to go on camera but said CNG Specialists does not condone employees driving customers vehicles and they will get to the bottom of it.

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