Oklahoma family sick with E. coli infection after trip to local lake

FT. GIBSON, Okla. – An Oklahoma family says a fun family vacation took a dangerous turn while at a local lake.

“It was just a bunch of kids and moms and dads playing in the water, feeding geese, fishing, boats, you know the whole thing,” said Brittanie McClain. “We had a good time until the end.”

Recently, Brittanie McClain and her family were spending time at the Flat Rock Campground at Ft. Gibson Lake.

On the last few days of their family vacation, they all became ill.

Officials say two girls, their mother and grandmother all became ill with a dangerous E. coli bacterial infection, KJRH reports.

“My 3-year-old is actually in the PICU right now with some acute kidney failure and a little bit of anemia,”  McClain said.

The Army Corps of Engineers says they have investigated, but believes it is an isolated incident. The Corps says it does regular E. coli testing, but says none of the shoreline at Flat Rock is designated as a swim beach.