Small dog found dead, floating in locked cage at Lake Hefner

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Two kayakers discovered a drowned Yorkshire terrier trapped inside a dog crate, floating in Lake Hefner near Portland and Hefner Parkway.

Monika Stewart and her husband kayak nearly everyday on the lake, and they see all kinds of animals.

“That’s what we like,” Stewart said. “We always bring our phone and take pictures. We see unusual things like otters and minks up in the rocks, so it’s really nice.”

They also see their fair share of abandoned, hungry pets.

“It’s bad sometimes out here,” Stewart said.

Then, on a recent trip through a cove, the two happened upon the dog crate floating in the lake. When they dragged it to the shore, they discovered the drowned Yorkshire terrier trapped inside.

“The gate was locked on the cage, and he didn’t have a chance to even get out and swim to shore,” Stewart said. “His little dog bowl was still in it.”

The little Yorkie was wearing a collar but had no tags, and it didn’t look like it had been dead long. The two didn’t want to leave it out in the sun, so they buried it.

“It just made me feel better to bury him,” Stewart said.

Now, they’re hoping someone will recognize the dog and help bring his killer to justice.

“You could have just opened the cage and let it out,” Stewart said. “It would have had a chance, but I just can’t get over that.”

Animal welfare is investigating the dog’s death.

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