Woman delivers baby on side of highway in Tulsa

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TULSA, Okla. – Tulsa firefighters responded to a call Friday morning they don’t usually receive – a mother giving birth on the side of the highway.

Firefighters say they got the call around 6:30 a.m., the same time they typically start their day.

“Typical morning, everyone’s kind of drinking coffee, getting ready for the day,” said Ryan Walker, Tulsa firefighter.

“We responded to a call of a child birth and what was interesting about the call is it’s on the side of the highway,” said Tulsa firefighter Weston Hodges.

Firefighters and EMSA paramedics responded to the scene on I-244 near Harvard.

It’s a pretty busy highway, especially coming off of the construction, so there were some traffic issues, but we were well off the side of the road and we were able to block traffic and make sure it was a safe scene for everybody,” Hodges told FOX 23.

The woman went into labor and was unable to make it to the hospital.

When crews arrived, they found the woman with her baby in her arms.

Crews helped cut the umbilical cord before the woman and her baby were taken to the hospital.

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