A Trae Young Throwback, Looking Back At A Journey To The NBA

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What a week it’s been for Trae Young.

The Norman native’s hosting his first basketball camp, and also keeping close to his roots by hosting a back to school bash where he’s giving away free backpacks and school supplies.

Before he became a star for the Sooners and a top five NBA draft pick we were there for his freshman year at Norman North.

“Oh my gosh,” Young said.  “I was wearing number three with the short fade.  That is crazy!  My face looks the same.  Man that was when I had all those shoe boxes.  I still have all those shoe boxes.  That was a crazy time.  That was, like, my sophomore year, and I was getting recruited by all those schools and offers from a lot of them too.  Most of the time I’d read it, or just put it in a shoe box.  Just having to have talks and stuff with different people, different coaches, trying to figure out what the best situation would be for me.  Being able to discuss that as a sophomore is crazy.  This is a year that I kind of sky rocketed to another level especially in the state of Oklahoma.  Being in the gym as much as you could.  That’s where I learned how to play.  Going out to ‘The Y’, going into private gyms, just being there.  This is where I learned it all.  Giving my Dad buckets.  I don’t know why you have to post the one where he blocks my shot, but I like how you’re going to add this little bucket.  I won more than I lost.  He didn’t beat me in this one.  He just got a few shots on me.  Look he’s talking trash.  Oh my gosh!  This is straight his highlights!  Not every kid is blessed enough to be able to grow up with their father, someone to support them day in and day out like my Dad did for me.  To be able to have him around to be able to have him help guide me throughout this whole thing is a blessing.  I don’t remember a game my senior year that wasn’t sold out, which is the reason why you play.  You play in front of those gyms.  It got very physical.  Every night the other team’s priority was to try and stop me.  I took that on with a lot of pride, and you see it in my face how much passion I have for it.  It was my job to get my team a win.  I think that’s one of the underrated parts of my game, and it still is today.  You saw I have great teammates, Jalen Crutchfield, Jawun my senior year.  I’ve had some great teammates.  They’ve made me look good.  I think this was the game where I came out with my move.  Oh this is just amazing.  Right here.  When you just feel it.  You just feel it.  You have fun with it.  That’s when I play my best is when I’m just having fun.  Being able to put this jersey on.  Play in the game.  This is a dream come true for me.  Watching it growing up, and to be able to play in it and bringing it to the city of Norman is great.  This is a moment that basically changed my life.  It’s crazy because I still watch this video today.  I watch this video all the time.  It was very important for me to stay close to the people that made me who I am.  I think that this is just a big reason why I am here today.  It shows all the hard work that I put in between each chapter, and it paid off.  You don’t see everything that goes on behind it.  Just watching this makes me appreciate all the stuff that goes behind it that much more.  I want to thank everyone that’s got me to this point.”

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