Pit bull found alive riddled with shotgun pellets in Blanchard

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BLANCHARD, Okla. - Rescuers say they stumbled upon a pit bull on Thursday who had been shot at point blank range with a shotgun and left for dead. At this point, the shooter has not been found.

Her rescuer, Brianna Greathouse, found the 7-month-old pit, named Petunia, down the street from Blanchard High School alone in a field, obviously hurt.

"She had these wounds all over her body, super dehydrated, she just kind of collapsed," Greathouse said. "She laid there and she was defeated."

She couldn't figure out what caused her injuries, so Greathouse rushed her to Brittany Stephens at the Infinity Farms Animal Sanctuary and Rescue.

"I took her straight to the vet and the vet was like, 'This is so bad. This clearly was a shotgun,'" Stephens said. "Never in my life have I walked into a vet clinic and had the entire staff in tears, all of us just looking at what this poor girl went through."

They took x-rays and discovered she had been shot at point blank range, the shotgun bullet dispersed, and about 80 pellets lodged deep into her skull and body.

"They looked at her, she saw it happen, either it knocked her out or she ran for her life," Stephens said. "Either way, she fended for her life blind for days."

Now, Petunia is recovering from emergency surgery, but more procedures will be necessary. They fear she may never be able to see again.

"She didn't do anything wrong," Greathouse said. "She is so deserving of a great life."

That's what they want to help her find, but they're also determined to find the person responsible.

"Somebody knows something," Greathouse said. "People need to be able to see this, see what happened, and see her story, and understand this happens every single day."

Anyone who wants to help Petunia can donate to Infinity Farms Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, a 501c3. Her rescuers are also looking for a forever home for the pup.

"I have the best hopes for this girl," Greathouse said. "She's special. She was meant to be here for a reason."

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