Luther police officer arrested following fight

LUTHER, Okla. - A Luther police officer is behind bars.

Officer Anthony Butler was arrested Sunday night for allegedly strangling his girlfriend. But, it's what happened when fellow officers showed up that landed him in even more trouble.

The Luther police chief, David Randall, said he had heard of some complaints of Butler's past before he took office but nothing to this caliber. He and a neighbor said they were shocked.

“I knew something went on last night because it was very abnormal,” neighbor Brandalyne Boyles said.

Boyles knew her neighbors, Butler and his girlfriend. She said the two kids at Butler's house would always go over to play with her niece and nephew.

“Very surprising,” Boyles said. “I've never heard anything bad about them, and their kids are really sweet girls but really quiet.”

An official said it all started Sunday night when Butler's girlfriend sent a Facebook message to Officer Walker, telling him Butler had been drinking and was really upset about something. They said that's when Butler left the home, went back and started strangling his girlfriend.

“The victim stated that Butler arrived at the home intoxicated earlier in the evening and started arguing with her,” said Mark Opgrande, the Public Information Officer for Oklahoma County. “She stated that Butler threw her against the wall and the bed. She stated that Butler was on top of her at one point with his hands around her neck and that she had a difficult time breathing.”

The Luther chief of police said Walker is still recovering from his injuries but it's never easy when the one arrested is a fellow officer.

"This is one of your fellow officers, and you're kind of torn and you have a job to do even though you're looking at someone who you stand side by side with who is supposed to uphold the law,” Randall said. “It's a little torn. He did his job to the best of his ability that I require my officers to do."

Boyles said she hopes it's the last time something like it happens in their neighborhood.

“I just hope everybody is okay and the kids, especially,” Boyles said.

Butler is still in the Oklahoma County Jail, waiting to see a judge before he will be granted bond.

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